Tibetan Treasure Literature, by Andreas Doctor

Hardcover, 245 pages, Delhi 2005, new

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The treasure tradition of the nyingma school of tibetan buddhism is richly permeated with wonder and controversy this unique, mysterious tradition embraces revelation as the primary path to spiritual awakening over the course of tibetan history, revelations-known as treasures have been discovered hidden in nature or have emerged directly from the great minds of the nyingma school, creating a profound and lasting effect on tibetan religious societyand culture tibetan treasure literature discusses central themes and personalities in the history and practice of tibetan treasure revelation in particular, this book presents the first through survey of the revelations of the great visionary master chokgyur dechen lingpa (1829-1870) chokgyur lingpa was a prominent member of the famed ecumenical tradition and his revelations are widely practiced today in many schools and traditions of tibetan buddhism particular emphasis is placed on his revelations of tibetan buddhism particular emphasis is placed on his revelations pertaining to the wrathful deity vajrakilaya translations of selected texts are presented together with a detailed commentary on their practice composed by khenpo rinchen namgyal (nineteenth century), one of chokgyur lingpas foremost students also included is a translation of the renowned master ju miphams (1846-1912) discussion of the criteria for evaluation the authenticity of those beings who claim to have revealed such treasures of buddhist teaching

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