Three Heart Mantra Meditation Manual, by Tempa Dukte Lama

Spiral bound, 48 pages, Pittsburgh 2020, new

he practices of Sa Le Od, Ma Tri, and Du Tri Su are called the Heart Mantras of Bon. Together with the 100-syllable mantra, they are called the “Four Practices for Clearing Obscurations and Obstacles.” The Three Heart Mantras are the heart essence of the teaching of the Tonpa Shenrab, the Awakened One who founded the Tibetan Bon tradition approximately eighteen thousand years ago. Tonpa Shenrab taught these mantras to give people a practice that has the power to liberate simply by hearing or reciting it, seeing or touching it, or contemplating it.

The heart essence of the practice of Sa Le Od is to realize the true nature of the mind. The Ma Tri is the mantra of compassion. This mantra is a powerful practice for clearing and healing emotional difficulties and transforming the five poisons of anger, greed, ignorance, jealousy and envy into the five wisdoms. The mantra also has the power to clear the karmic conditions that cause us to be reborn in cyclic existence within the six realms. The Du Tri Su mantra is a practice for transforming obstacles and clearing the conditions of the lower realms. It is also used for physical healing and the healing of relationships, and to guide the souls of the deceased and help them find peace and wellbeing.

The 48 page booklet includes a richly illustrated explanation of the deities of the Three Heart Mantra practice. Tempa Lama explains the preliminary practices as well as the generation and completion stage of this practice and how to overcome obstacles to our practice. He then explains the meaning of each of the three heart mantras and the visualization in detail. Pictures of the mantras and seed syllables are included.

This second expanded edition also includes an explanation of the thirty-two benefits of the Ma Tri practice as given by the Awakened One Tonpa Shenrab and later the compassionate being Tobu Bum Sang.

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