The Jebumgang Temple: Ritual Architecture and the Defense of the Modern Tibetan State, by Matthew Akester

Hardcover, 92 pages, Schongau 2019.
Ritual architecture and the defense of the Modern Tibetan State

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The Jebumgang temple, with its ornamental gilt roof, was a highly visible landmark on the northern skyline of the old city of Lhasa, yet it a attracted little attention, and its story seems to have been largely unknown. This study locates its origins in an intriguing period of the city’s modern history – the reassertion of Tibetan political authority during the last decades of the Manchu empire, and the accession to power of the 13thDalai Lama – and considers the questions that this raises, about the role of Nyingmapa ritual and prophecy in the resurgence of the Ganden Potrang state, and the emergence of a sectarian controversy that has haunted it ever since.

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