The Healing Practice of Sidpa Gyalmo of the Tibetan Bon Tradition

Spiral bound, 48 pages, Pittsburgh 2011, new

Contemplative healing practices help us to recognize that we are all gifted with the primordial wisdom of healing. In the Tibetan Bon tradition, practices to help us connect with the innate potential of healing have been done for thousands of years. In this booklet, Tempa Dukte Lama offers a detailed explanation of the traditional Bon healing meditation practice of Sidpa Gyalmo, the chief protector of the Bon tradition.  

In the Bon teachings, healing encompasses the physical, emotional and mental dimensions. Tempa Lama explains how the relationship between physical illness and disturbances in our mind and feelings, and how we can heal both through the healing practice of Sidpa Gyalmo. The practice opens us to our innate potential to heal ourselves and to help others heal.

The booklet includes an explanation of the deity Sidpa Gyalmo and her healing form Yeshe Walmo, the practice liturgy of the Sidpa Gyalmo Healing Practice and the Sidpa Gyalmo Healing Waters Practice, posture and visualization, and an explanation of the healing mantra of Sidpa Gyalmo. Thanka paintings of Sidpa Gyalmo and Yeshe Walmo are reproduced in color, along with the Tibetan seed syllables of this practice.   

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