The Centennial of the Tibeto-Mongol Treaty 1913-2013 (Lungta 17)

Softcover, 108 pages, bw Illustrations, New Delhi 2013, new

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The 1913 tibeto-Mongol Treaty: Its international Reception and Circulation
by Elliot Sperling

The tibeto-Mongol Treaty of January 1913
by Tashi Tsering

The 1913 Treaty between Mongolia and Tibet: Its Historical Importance
by Prof. Dr. J. Bor, Prof Dr. A. Tuvshintugs

The 1913  Tibet Mongolia Treaty of Friendship ans Alliance
New Sources Uncovering the History of its Drafting
by Nikolay Tsyrempilov

The Relationship between Mongolia and tibet at the Time of the Qing Collapse
Sung-Soo, Kim

State souvereignity and the Mongolian-Tibetan Treaty (1913)
by Udo B. Barkmann

The Treaty of 1913 between Mongolia and Tibet as a valid international Document
by Sergius L. Kuzmin

The Position of the 1913 Mongolia-Tibet Treaty in the Royal (All Elevated) Mongol State Diplomacy
by Prof. D. Ulambayar

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