Style from the Steppes, Silk Costumes and Textiles from the Liao and Yuan Periods

Softcover, 69 pages color illustrated, London 2004, as new

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Catalogue of a 2004 New York City exhibit organized by the London gallery of Anna Maria Rossi & Fabio Rossi. The exhibit was held in March at the Barbara Mathes Gallery, 41 East 57th Street, New York City. The Catalogue includes essays by Zhao Feng, deputy director of the China National Silk Museum; Mark Holborn, author of a book on Issey Miyake; and Anne E. Wardwell, a curator retired from the textiles department at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The people of the northern steppes of northwest China were the undisputed lords of Asia during the first 400 years of the second millennium. Anna Maria Rossi and her son Fabio Rossi write in the catalog's preface. ''They ruled their empires from the horse and so much of their dignity and authority was expressed through their personal apparel. The rich brocade and cloth of gold they wore came from the Silk Road and China, but the cut and style were their own and reflected their imperial glory and ancient nomadic heritage." 71 pages. Illustrated by 55 color plates 32 black and white figures.

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