In the Shadow of the Golden Age: Art and Identity in Asia from Gandhara to the Modern Age, ed. by Julia A.B. Hegewald

Hardcover, 584 pages, Berlin 2014, new

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Julia A.B. Hegewald: Out of the Shadow of the Golden Age
Susan Huntington: Buddhist Art through a modern Lens: A Case of mistaken scholarly Trajectory
Ciro Lo Muzio: The Legacy  of Gandhara in Central Asia Painting
John C. Huntington:  The "movable"golden Ages: Western Art beyond its homeland and transitioning to Central and North-East Asia
Petra Hildegard Rösch: Golden Age and Decline in Art-Historical Writing on Chinese Buddhist Sculpture: Describing a shifting discourse
William A. Southworth: The Alteration and destruction of Buddhist images at Angkor during th13th and 14th centuries
Sarah Shaw: Art and Narrative in changing conditions: Southern Buddhist Temple Art as an accomodation of the new and diverse.

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