Forbidden Memory: Tibet during the Cultural Revolution, by Tsering Woeser

Hardcover, 576 pages, 345 illustrations, Nebraska 2006, new
The most important all the books of Tsering Woeser, important Documentation and Fotos!

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Photographs by Tsering Dorje
Edited by Robert Barnett
Translated by Susan T. Chen
Foreword by Wang Lixiong
576 pages
345 photographs, 2 glossaries, 1 appendix


The Cultural Revolution hit Tibet like a typhoon in 1966. Red Guard cadres destroyed irreplaceable cultural artifacts, enforced political indoctrination, and destroyed temples and monasteries in an attempt to obliterate Tibetan Buddhism. Since then, Chinese authorities have wielded the politics of national unity and modern civilization to cover up the regime’s reign of terror, even as officials have admitted to “excesses” elsewhere.

Tibetan writer-activist Tsering Woeser uses rarely seen photographs taken by her father, Tsering Dorje, to tell the haunting story of those fateful months. Merging images with eyewitness accounts and expert analysis, Tsering Woeser reflects on Tibet’s ethnic character and traditions before detailing how the twin calamities of foreign invasion and cultural obliteration transformed a pastoral Buddhist state into a land of nightmares. At the same time, she adds her impassioned denunciation of the invasion to a chorus of other Tibetan voices against the decades-long silence surrounding Chinese atrocities.

Heartbreaking and revelatory, Forbidden Memory provides a long-overdue reckoning of China’s role in Tibet’s tragic past.

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