Deities Unveiled: Himalayan Art from the Collection of Dr. John N. Loomis

Hardcover, 207 pages, full color, New York 2022, new

A marvelous and important collection on Tibetan Art!

from the foreword of Laura A. Weinstein:

"Dr. Loomis's collection of Himalayan sculpture spans thirteen centuries and consists of masterworks by any aestethic standards from Pakistan, India, Nepal, tibet, Bhutan and China. He assembled the majority of this astonishing collection of bronze sculpture over the course of about thirty years, during which he consulted with experts and travelled to museums worldwide to gain an understanding of what characterized the best artefacts fromthe Vajrayana Buddhist realms of Asia. In comparison to museum collections of Himalayan sculpture, Dr. Lommis's is formidable. As anindependent scholar of Himalayan art, I remain eternally greateful and honored for the opportunity to interpret these outstanding artefacts for a global audience. The majority of them have never been published before. ..."

contains an important group of statues attributed to the Densatil Tradition, and another group of masterworks attributed to the Shigatse school with its remarkable artist Sonam Gyaltsen.

A must for every lover of important Buddhist statues, and outstanding Buddhist art!

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