Commerce and Communities: Social and Political Status and the Exchange of Goods in Tibetan Societies, ed, by Jeannine Bischoff and Alice Travers

Hardcover, 284 pages, Berlin 2018, new

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Jeannine bischoff and Alice Travers: The Exchange of goods in Tibetan communities and their social and politcal implications: an introduction
Peter Schwieger: Some remarks on the nature and terminology of gift exchange between Tibetan hierarchs and the Qing Emperor
John Bray: Ladakh's Lopchak Missions to LhasA: gift exchange, diplomatic ritual, and the politics of ambiguity
Diana Lange: Visual culture of exploration: the acquisition of knowledge related to trade in Tibet in the mit 19th century
Patrick Booz: Tibet and Tea: A summary of trade, social customs and sino-tibetan relations dealing with ja / Cha.
Alice Zravers: Wool trade on the himalayan border and the social mobility in central Tibet (1907-1947)
Charles Ramble: A century of trade and tension: stakeholders in the Kali Gandaki Salt Route, mid 19th tp mid 20th century
Kalsang Norbu Gurung: The value of the Tibetan money: A study  of the use  of srang in late 19th century Tibet.

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