Ancient Currents, New Traditions, by Franz Xaver Erhard, Jeanine Bischoff, Lewis Doney, Jörg Heimbel & Emilia Roza Sulek

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Proceedings of the 4th Seminar of Young Tibetologists
30 contributions:

Franz Xaver Erhard, Jeannine Bischoff, Lewis Doney, Jörg Heimbel, Emilia Roza Sulek
Preface: Ancient Currents, New Traditions, pp. xi–xiii.

Per K. Sørensen
Keynote: A Story of Academic and Cultural Curiosity. Leipzig and the Rise of Tibetology in Germany, pp. 1–12.

Cameron Bailey
A Tibetan Protector Deity Theogony: An Eighteenth Century “Explicit” Buddhist Pantheon and Some of its Political Aspects, pp. 13–28.

Byams pa chos ’phel མས་པ་ཆོས་འཕེལ། བོད་%གས་་བ་ངོས་འ+ན།, pp. 29–47.

Gloria I-Ling Chien
Examining the Blo sbyong Component in Thogs med bzang po’s Collected Works, pp. 48–68.

Lewis Doney
A Richness of Detail: Sangs rgyas gling pa and the Padma bka’ thang, pp. 69–97.

Cécile Ducher
bKa’ brgyud Treasure and rNying ma Revealer: The Sras mkhar ma of Mar pa Lo tsā ba, pp. 98–126.

ErdeneBaatar Erdene-Ochir
On the Historical Background of a Buddhist Polemical Exchange between Tibetan and Mongolian Scholars in the 19th Century, pp. 127–144.

Berthe Jansen
The Disciplinarian (dge skos/ dge bskos/ chos khrims pa/ zhal ngo) in Tibetan Monasteries: his Role and his Rules, pp. 145–161.

Hanung Kim
A mdo, Collected Works (gSung ’bum), and Prosopography, pp. 162–177.

Anne Kukuczka
Smartphones, Weixin and Beautiful Bodies: The Role of Mobile Technologies for Crafting Desired Selves in Lhasa, pp. 178–206.

Channa Li
Translationship Lost in Transmission: Elusive Attributions of Two Tibetan Sūtra Translations, pp. 207–230.

Natasha L. Mikles
Buddhicizing the Warrior-King Gesar in the dMyal gling rDzogs pa Chen po, pp. 231–246.

Natalia Moskaleva
Sketches of Contemporary Tibetan History in The Tibet Mirror (1949–1963) , pp. 247–261.

Ai Nishida
Old Tibetan Scapulimancy, pp. 262–277.

Kensaku Okawa
A Study on nang zan: On the Reality of the “Servant Worker” in Traditional Tibetan Society, pp. 278–292.

Jonathan Samuels
Are We Legend? Reconsidering Clan in Tibet, pp. 293–314.

Anna Sawerthal
Foreign News in Early Tibetan-Language Newspapers: Covering Adolf Hitler in the Melong, pp. 315–334.

Rolf Scheuermann
sGam po pa’s Doctrinal System: A Programmatic Way to Buddhahood for Beings of Varying Capacity, Both Gradual and Sudden? , pp. 335–351.

Dagmar Schwerk
The Pointed Spear of a Siddha and its Commentaries: The ’Brug pa bka’ brgyud School in Defence of the Mahāmudrā Doctrine, pp. 352–373.

Eva Maria Seidel
Searching for Tibetanness: Tenzing Rigdol’s Attempt to Visualize Tibetan Identity, pp. 374–390.

Carmen Simioli
The “Brilliant Moon Theriac” (Zla zil dar ya kan): A Preliminary Study of Mercury Processing According to the Vase of Amṛta of Immortality (’Chi med bdud rtsi bum pa) and its Influence on Tibetan Pharmacological literature, pp. 391–419.

bsTan ’dzin chos ’phel ན་འ&ན་ཆོས་འཕེལ། གནའ་བོའི་མོན་དང་མོན་པའི་,ས་ལ་ད/ད་པ།, pp. 420–450.

Rahel Tsering
Labtse Construction and Differentiation in Rural Amdo, pp. 451– 468.

Markus Viehbeck
Coming to Terms with Tibet: Scholarly Networks and the Production of the First “Modern” Tibetan Dictionaries, pp. 469–489.

Riika J. Virtanen
Characters in Modern Tibetan Fiction Set in Pre-1950s Central Tibet: Aristocrats, Common Folk and Others, pp. 490–514.

Marco Walther
Between Family and Transmission Lineage: Two Historical Works of the rNgog bKa’ brgyud pa, pp. 515–533.

Daniel Wojahn
Preservation and Continuity: The Ache Lhamo Tradition Inside and Outside the Tibet Autonomous Region, pp. 534–550.

Eveline Yang
Tracing the Chol kha gsum: Reexamining a Sa skya-Yuan Period Administrative Geography, pp. 551–568.

Fan Zhang
Reorienting the Sacred and Accommodating the Secular: The History of Buddhism in China (rGya nag chos ’byung) , pp. 569–591.

Linghui Zhang
The Wholesome Streams (dGe ba’i chu rgyun): Tshe dbang nor bu’s Treatment of the Chinese Monk’s Simultaneist Approach to Awakening, pp. 592–610.

List of Contributors, pp. 611–615


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