Blog 3: What books can do

A short story about, what books can.

Recently, I called Ulrich von Schroeder by phone, and what wonder? … we talked about books. He told me that an unnamed person liked his latest work very much, and offered to sponsor part of the production in order to make the book more widely available. As a result, the price dropped from initially CHF 1750.00 to new CHF 750.00, what make quit a difference and makes the book affordable to a broader audience.

The book is an inventory of the Nepalese stone sculpture documented since more than 30 years, and is a unique testimony of the stone sculpture in Nepal. As such, it is a proof, where this pieces of art are … or, in some cases, …. had been.

The same applies for his earlier published “108 Statues”: The documented statues from the Jokhang in Lhasa had been revisited some times later by the same autor, and he stated that some of the statues had disappeared. If ever one of these pieces of art will show up on the art market, the provenience can easily be traced.

Books can enjoy you, give you imputs, can improve your personal study.
As this example makes clear, some books can do much more.
Thanks UvS, for your great work!


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