The Tibetan Book of the Dead, A Biography, by Donald S. Lopez, Jr.

Hardcover, 173 pages, Princeton 2011, new

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One of the most famous buddhist Texts in the West, having sold more than a million time since its first publication in 1927. Carl Gustav Jung wrote a commentary on it, Tomothy Leary redisignet it a s a guide for an acid trip, and the Beatles quoted Leary's version for their song "Tomorrow never knows".
More recently, the book has been adopted by the hospice movement, enshrined by the Penguin Classics, and made in an audiobook read by Rivhard Gere.
Lopez writes, The tibetan Book of the Dead is not really  Tibetan, it is not really a book, and it is not really abouth death. He recounts the strange story of how a relatively obscure and malleable Buddhist text of uncertain origin came to be so refered and misunderstood - in the West.

Autor: Donald S. Lopez, Jr.
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