The Special Envoy: Pursuing the 14th Dalai Lama's Vision of a Reunited Tibet, by Lodi Gyeltsen Gyary

Softcover, 800 pages, Singapore September 2020, new

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September 2020: After research I found out that the publication of this volume has been canceled, maybe out of political reasons, what would be a real shame for the publisher ...

Authored by the chief Tibetan negotiator during the 10-year period of formal dialogue between the Chinese and the Tibetan government in exile, as well as the 25-year period of quiet diplomacy preceding these historic negotiaions, this book catalogues the fits and starts of the parties' relationship, addressing the successes and failures of the campaign, highlighting the missteps, missed opportunities, and misperceptions of both parties. Informed by this experience, the author offers recommendations to restart the dialogue, recognizing the need to resolve the matter during the limited window of opportunity available prior to the passing of the current Dalai Lama.


  • Land of My Ancestors:
    • History of Nyarong, Kham, My Birthplace
    • The Gyari Family: Descendants of Nyarong Gönpo Namgyal
    • My Spiritual Lineage: The Mindrolling Tradition and Lumorab Monastery
    • The Gyaritsang's Involvement in the Tibetan Resistance
    • Our Flight from Nyarong
    • The Journey to Lhasa
    • From Mindrolling to Exile in India
  • Tibet Restored: Reuniting the Tibetan People:
    • A Unified Tibet: Centerpiece of the Tibetan Struggle
    • Tibetan Exile Organizations: Too Often Compromised by Conflicting Agendas and Personality Disputes
    • Repercussions from Divisions within the Tibetan Community in Exile
    • Tibetans Inside Tibet — Flag Bearers of a Unified Tibet
  • Thirty Years of Engagement with the PRC: Tibetans Betrayed by Suspicion, Chinese Betrayed by Unrealistic Hope:
    • Introduction
    • The Early Years: 1979–1984
    • Tibet's Rise to Prominence on the International Stage
    • Developing United States Support for Tibet
    • India, Our Home Away from Home
    • Assistance from Other Asian Countries, Europe, Non-Governmental Organizations and Dharma Centers
    • The 1990s: Renewal of Efforts to Engage the Chinese

Readership: Policy makers, historians, academics and all who are interested in Sino-Tibetan relations.

Autor: Lodi Gyeltsen Gyari
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