Pantianos Classics - The Lotus Sutra, Saddharma-Pundarika, The Lotus of the True Law, The Ancient Mahayana Buddhist Text, Complete, translated by H. Kern

Softcover, 196 pages, (1884), new Edition, new

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he Lotus Sutra, one of the most significant texts of Mahayana Buddhism, is presented here complete, in the authoritative translation of H. Kern.

Kern presents the original Buddhist scriptures in their chaptered format, as they begin with the Shakyamuni Buddha lapsing into a deep meditative consciousness. During this state, he perceives a vast ray of light, that shine upon and give light to other buddha-fields far to the East. Following this momentous display, we are given the lessons of early Buddhism, how the spiritual path of the bodhisattva allows for the attainment of the status of Buddha and complete enlightenment.

We also hear of various parables and moral teachings, of those who petition the Buddhas with questions or requests for spiritual guidance. Mythological tales, such as the creation and discovery of the Magic City with its symbolic treasures, are also related. The later chapters, which expound further upon the immortal nature of the Buddha character, and the timeless wisdom that he espouses, count among the finest explanations of the Buddhist faith ever written.

H. Kern renders the stories and spiritual lessons in superb English, with utmost care taken not to misinterpret or dilute the guidance.

Autor: H. Kern
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