Freer Gallery of Art / Arthur M. Sackler Gallery - Paths to Perfection, Buddhist Art at the Freer / Sackler, by Debra Diamond

Softcover, 230 pages, color illustrated, Washington 2017, new

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Paths to Perfection: Buddhist Art at the Freer|Sackler introduces readers to Buddhist art through the celebrated collections of the Smithsonian s museum of Asian art in Washington, DC. Written for a general audience, the guidebook shares Buddhist art and its history across cultures, from the origins of Buddhism in India to its spread eastward to China, Japan, and Southeast Asia. More than a hundred objects from the renowned Freer|Sackler collections follow, each with a full-colour image and description. Entries are divided by type into five sections. A map and glossary help familiarize readers with significant Buddhist sites and terms.

Autor: Debra Diamond
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