Mapping Amdo: Dynamics of Power, by Ute Wallenböck, Bianca Horlemann and Jarmila Ptáčková

Hardcover, 271 pages, Prag 2019, new

The edition Mapping Amdo serves as the written platform of the ARN. It provides space for publication of papers from various disciplines concerning the Amdo region. The aim of the Mapping Amdo series is to contribute to the creation of a comprehensive picture of Amdo and to serve not only the academic, but as well the broader public, facilitating a deeper understanding of this multicultural and multiethnic region.
The second volume of the Mapping Amdo Series continues to aim to channel the research on the multiethnic and multicultural region of Amdo, which, positioned at the crossroads of the Tibetan, Mongol, and Chinese cultural and political spheres of influence, has been, and still is, of major strategic importance. Throughout the history of Amdo, representatives of both the secular and the religious communities have engaged in power struggles within their own communities as well as in confrontation with each other. Apart from military or spiritual power, this volume also discusses economic, cultural, and sociopolitical aspects of power as executed by various players throughout Amdo history.
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Autor: Ute Wallenböck; Bianca Horlemann; Jarmila Ptáčková
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