Brill - Knowledge and Context in Tibetan Medicine, by William A. McGrath

Hardcover, 372 pages, Leiden 2019, new

Menge: 1

Knowledge and Context in Tibetan Medicine is a collection of ten essays in which a team of international scholars describe and interpret Tibetan medical knowledge. With subjects ranging from the relationship between Tibetan and Greco-Arab conceptions of the bodily humors, to the rebranding of Tibetan precious pills for cross-cultural consumption in the People’s Republic of China, each chapter explores representations and transformations of medical concepts across different historical, cultural, and/or intellectual contexts. Taken together this volume offers new perspectives on both well-known Tibetan medical texts and previously unstudied sources, blazing new trails and expanding the scope of the academic study of Tibetan medicine.
Contributors include: Henk W.A. Blezer, Yang Ga, Tony Chui, Katharina Sabernig, Tawni Tidwell, Tsering Samdrup, Carmen Simioli, William A. McGrath, Susannah Deane and Barbara Gerke

Autor: Williwm A. Mcgrath; Henk Blezer; Yang Ga; Tony Chui; Katharina Sabernig; Tawni Tidwell; Tsering Samdrub; Carmen Simioli; Susannah Deane; Barbara Gerke
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