In the Footsteps od Bodhisattvas, Buddhist Teachings on the Essence of Meditation, by Pakchok Rinpoche

Softcover, 174 pages, Boulder 2020, new

A complete path of meditation training with a commentary on the King of Samadhi Sutraone of the most important Mahayana sutrasfrom a contemporary, accessible voice.

True meditation gives rise to unsurpassable freedom. In the 21st century, we are in danger of diluting the idea of meditation down to a simple session on the cushion to make us calm. If we are in pursuit of freedom and a profound relationship to reality, then all experiences of life must become meditation. Phakchok Rinpoche challenges readers to take this book as a path to realize the open heart of true meditation.

In the Footsteps of Bodhisattvas teaches how the intangible essence of meditation naturally arises when we properly line-up the conditions within our lives. Going beyond a simple, one-dimensional training, the exercises and meditation methods outlined and the words of the Buddha, sourced from the King of Samadhi Sutra, create a clear path of training according to the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism. Combining the bodhichitta of aspiration—loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity—with the bodhichitta of application—engaging in the six practices of a bodhisattva—will give rise to ultimate bodhichitta, which is none other than the completely enlightened state, the supreme samadhi.

Autor: Pakchok Rinpoche; Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche
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