Brill - History on Early Stone Sculpture at Mathura, by Sonja Rhie Quintanilla

Hardcover, 314 pages, professionally illustrated on 176 plates, Leiden 2007, new

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This volume provides the first comprehensive analysis and chronology of the earliest known stone sculptures from the north Indian city of Mathura, dating prior to the famous Kushan period. It includes numerous new attributions of objects based primarily on epigraphic and visual analysis. The sculptures attributable to these pre-Kushan periods reveal new evidence for the reasons behind the emergence of the anthropomorphic image of the Buddha at Mathura, the predominance of a heterodox sect of Jainism, and the proliferation of cults of nature divinities. This book provides a wealth of reference material useful for historians of early Indian art, religion, and epigraphy.
The book is illustrated with over three hundred photographs, and it includes epigraphic appendices with complete transcriptions and updated translations.

Autor: Sonja Rhie Quintanilla
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