Tibet in Pictures, A Journey in the Past, by Li Gotami Govinda

Hardcover with DC, 2 volumes bw illustrations, Berkeley 1979, First Edition

Tibet in Pictures presents a rare collection of two hundred photographs of Tibetan temples and statues taken by Li Gotami Govinda when she accompanied her husband on two pilgrimages to central and western Tibet from 1947 to 1949. Buddhist images are printed in rich duotones, while religious sites and scenes from daily life are in black and while. Highlights include rare photos of Tibetan masters, ritual dancers, and oracles, closely-ups of statues, temple interiors, stunning landscapes, the famous Kumbum at Gyantse, the 10th and 11th-century temples of Tsaparang, and the golden temples of Tholing. Captions by Lama Govinda place each scene in the context of the pilgrimage and clarify the historic and religious significance of these monuments, many of which no longer exist.

One of the last records ever made of the vanished art and culture of Old Tibet, this photo essay is a vivid portrayal of Buddhist civilization, valuable for art historians and students of Tibetan culture.

200 black & white photographs offer a rare glimpse of the land, people, and religious practices of pre-1950 Tibet.

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