The Freer Chinese Bronzes, by John Alexander Pope, Rutherford John Gettens, James Cahill and Noel Barnard

2 Hardcover with DV, 638 and 257 pages, bw illustrations, Washington 1967 / 1969, good to very good

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Initially planned as a three volume work, the third volume (Epigraphic Studies) has never been published.

Volume 1 contains the catalogue, includes 466 pages text, 102 plates and 91 text figures

Volume 2, technical studies, has 156 pages text, 305 text figures, 12 fibures in color, treats every aspect of the bronzes from technical aspect, include x-ray photographs.

Already in the second volume is mentioned that the third volume will never be published.

Autor: ohn Alexander Pope, Rutherford John Gettens, James Cahill, Noel Barnard
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