Ritual and Representation in Buddhist Art, ed. by Jeong Lee-Kalisch and Antja Papist-Matsuo

Softcover, 263 pages, bw and colour illustrations, Weimar 1915, new

Helmut Brinker: The Buddhist Cult of Relics in Ancient China

Lilla Russell-Smith: Representations of the Pure Land on the Northern Silk Road

Petra Hildegard Rösch: Material Evidence of Buddhist rituals of Confession and Repetance at North Chinese Cave Temples

Jeong Lee-Kalisch: Beyond the Sublime: A Reassessment of the exreaordinara  Buddha and Monk Sculptures in Zizhong and Anyue of the Song Period

Bae  Jaeho: The Vajrasana Buddha at the Mahabodhi Temple

Petra Maurer: The Medical Thangkas on the Vaiduria sngon-po

Juliane Noth:Translation and Transformation in Sino Tibetan Artefacts of the Yongle Period

Nedachi Kensuke: Kamakura Period Sculptures of the Kei School

Antja Papist Matsuo:Negoro Lacquers: Narratives of Origin and Tradition

Autor: Helmut Brinker, Lilla Russell-Smith, Petra Hildegard Rösch, Jeong-hee Lee-Kalisch, Bae Jaeho, Petra Maurer, Juliane Noth, Nedache Kensuke, Antje Papist-Matsuo
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