Mural Art of the Buddhist Gompas in Tibet, by Chai Huangbo

Hardcover, 401 pages, colour illustrated, China 2019, new

About the Murals / Paintings in 18 different Gompas in Tibet, namely in Samye Gompa, Kangsong Sangkalin Gompa, Drathang Gompa, Tsongdu Tsokpa Gompa, Dongpu Chukhor Gompa, Taklong Gompa, Lhalong Gompa, Sekhargutok Gompa, Tekchin Gompa, Trashi-Tongme Gompa, Jorra Gompa, Dragor Gompa, Chilay gompa, Dradre Gompa, Sezhik Gompa, Drumgkar Chöde Gompa, Golhakhang Ruinns.

A unique documentation!


Autor: Chai Huanbo
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