Ludwig Reichert Verlag Wiesbaden - Dating Tibetan Art, by Ingrid Kreide-Damani

Hardcover, 134 pages, bw illustrations, Wiesbaden 2003, new

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L.S. Dagyab: On the significance of Tibetan Buddhist Art and Iconography

Roger Goepper: More Evidence for dating the Sumtsek  in Alchi and its Relation with Kasmir

Christian Luczanits: Art Historical Aspects of dating Tibetan Art

Heather Stoddard: 'Bri gung, Sa skya and Mongol Patronage: A reassessment ...

Martin Brauen: Forgery, genuine or painted over: on the impossibility of dating a Thangka exactly

David Jackson: The Dating of Tibetan Paintings is perfectly possible

Jane Casey Singer: A Tibetan Painting of Chemchok Heruka's Mandala  in the Mc Cormick Collecion

Autor: Dagayb Rinpoche; Roger Goepper; Christian Luczanits; Heather Stoddard; Martin Brauen; Davbid Jackson; Jane Casey Singer
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